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Do you own a property in League City and are looking for expert help to manage it? If so, Prime Realty Property Management can help. We’re a professional League City property management company that aims to minimize your stress and maximize your ROI.

We have a firsthand experience of the challenges a landlord goes through. From finding the right tenant, to ensuring payments are collected consistently, to minimizing vacancies, to keeping their rental property legally compliant. 

Prime Realty Property Management has got what it takes to see you succeed. With our full-service property management, we can help you handle every aspect of managing your property. 

We can help you find your dream tenant, respond to maintenance issues, file tax returns, and much more!

We have experience in managing all types of investment properties, including single-family homes, condominiums, multi-family homes, HOAs, and even commercial properties. 

Prime Realty Property Management is a proven and trusted company. Among others, we’re a proud member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). 

What are you still waiting for? Get in touch with us TODAY to get started. You can do so by dialing 281-487-3345. 

Our League City Property Management Services 

Property owners in League City trust us with the management of their properties for three good reasons. For one, our team is comprised of seasoned experts. They are experienced and knowledgeable and know what needs to be done for you to succeed. 


Two, we help property owners reduce stress. Owning a rental property can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re doing it for the first time or have a growing portfolio of investments. If you hire us, we’ll help you enjoy the benefits of owning your investment, with less stress. 

And three, we can help you maximize the return on your investment. Under our property management, we’ll help you minimize your expenses and advise you on how best to optimize your return on investment.

The following are some of our property management services. They have been designed to save you time and money every step of the way. 

1. Property Marketing 

Are you tired of a long vacancy period after a tenant leaves? Or are you just starting out in League City property management and don’t know how or where to get started? Prime Realty Property Management has got your back!

We undertake professional marketing for our clients’ rentals to ensure they are filled quickly with the right tenant. Our marketing is designed to give a vacant property maximum exposure to prospective renters. 

We use a myriad of platforms to achieve this. From yard signs to social media to rental listing sites to printing out fliers and posters. And thanks to this elaborate exercise, we’ve been able to find renters for our clients within 15 to 25 days. 

2. Maintenance & Repairs 

Prime Realty Property Management undertakes regular inspections and maintenance to ensure your investment thrives. The benefits include the following. 

  • Identify issues quickly to minimize extensive damage. 
  • Ensure compliance with the Texas Warranty of Habitability. 
  • Keep the property desirable to make it attractive in the eyes of current and prospective renters. 
  • Check for possible lease violations by a tenant. 
  • Keep a tenant happy by responding to their concerns quickly. 

It also goes without saying that we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll manage your investment property so you can focus on other important things, like growing your portfolio. 

It’s also worthwhile mentioning that we don’t charge clients a service fee. Our price is your price and we’ll pass on discounts to you. For quality workmanship, we use independent contractors and vendors. 

3. Tenant Screening 

Prime Realty Property Management believes in renting to the most qualified tenant. After all, a quality tenant is the recipe for investment success. They are low maintenance, respectful, care for their rented premises, and abide by all terms of the lease agreement, including paying rent on time. 

Our screening process is meticulous from the beginning to the end. Among other things, our screening process entails doing the following things. 

  • Checking for credit rating through reference bureaus. 
  • Contacting prior landlords and current employers. 
  • Checking a tenant’s background to see whether they have a relevant criminal past or have ever been evicted. 


Doing all this will help your property manager find great tenants that enable you to maximize your profits in League City. 

4. Record Keeping 

This is also another service you can expect to get from our team at Prime Realty Property Management. We strongly believe in transparency and accountability. 

Once you hire us, you can expect the following things. 

  • Accurate and detailed financial reporting for your investment property. 
  • Access to an online portal where you can access important financial reports and statements. 
  • Automatic ACH payments to your bank account. 
  • Industry-standard record-keeping practices. 

5. Rent Collection 

Prime Realty Property Management will ensure you get paid consistently month after month. This we’ll accomplish by renting to the right tenants, charging the right rent, and offering easy and convenient payment solutions to tenants. 

About League City, Texas 

League City is located in Galveston County, within the Greater Houston metropolitan area. 

League City regularly ranks as the safest, affordable, and one of the best places to live in Texas. People from all walks of life come to League City because of its low crime rates, low unemployment rates, and a ripe job market in the fields of energy, medical, aerospace, marine, and petrochemical industries. 

What’s more, League City features a myriad of attractions. Including, Kemah Boardwalk, Walter Hall Park, Space Center Houston, Lynn Gripon Park at Countryside, and Helen’s Garden. 

(Source: Wikipedia)

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